Removing a Broken Key From a Lock

Commercial Security: What Special Features Should You Choose for Your Electronic Locks?

If you are thinking about improving security in your commercial premises, you should consider installing electronic keyless locks. There are multiple advantages of choosing this category of locking products as opposed to traditional keyed alternatives. Electronic locks are convenient and secure because physical keys are unnecessary. The doors lock automatically which means that there is no risk of leaving an entryway open. Also, electronic locks cannot be bumped or picked like regular types. Additionally, you can choose products with special locking elements which can enhance safety and security within your business space. Here are most valuable performance features to consider selecting for your electronic locks:

Multiple Unlocking Options

You should think about choosing an electronic lock with multiple options for unlocking. Most of the current products only have one opening method such as digital code or fingerprints. While these are secure, it is important to have a backup option in case of an emergency. For example, a lock should have a backup key which can be used if the electronic components fail. In addition, a digital lock with multiple entry options such as RFID, biometric and PIN will provide more flexibility.

Code Capacity

You should check the maximum number of personalised codes which can be input into your electronic locks. In a commercial premise, there are numerous people who will pass through the restricted doors with the locking features. While they can use one code, it is advisable for each of them to have their unique PIN. This setup will encourage accountability among the employees. Moreover, you will be able to track responsible parties if a problem arises.

Surveillance Features

Surveillance electronic locks are useful when dealing with rooms that require a high level of security such as data centres. These products are designed to further reinforce the security provided by unique codes or biometric measures. In general, a lock with surveillance will take a picture of the people opening the door. With this element, you can identify culprits if an individual accesses the door with another's PIN code.

Alarm Functions

Finally, you should consider installing a commercial door lock with alarm functions. This feature is valuable if there is a breach in your premises. The electronic lock will detect the anomaly if a person attempts to pick or break the locking mechanism and blast a warning alarm. The same will happen if the wrong code is input into the lock multiple times.

Consult your access control specialist for more information on electronic lock features.