Removing a Broken Key From a Lock

Essential Quick Tips for Using Self Storage

Self-storage solutions aren't just for junk. When you're downsizing your property, moving between offices, or keeping items safe, they come in handy. If this is your first time using a self-storage company, you need to know how to maximise the space. In addition to making sure it's secure enough for your items, you can utilise services and facilities that maintain your goods' integrity.

Make sure your self-storage is secure

You're storing your goods because you want to keep them safe. As such, you need to make sure the facility you choose is secure. A secure facility will feature:

  1. Controlled access. Only those storing goods there can enter the premises.
  2. Security cameras, to track who goes in and out.
  3. A lock and key for your storage unit.
  4. A security guard who monitors access.

Using various levels of security deters thieves. The more barriers there are for them to work through, the less chance there is of them trying to steal your goods.

Pack your goods appropriately

While self-storage facilities are safe, packing your goods appropriately further protects them. Packing services maintain the integrity of special items—computers from offices, for example. Using these services ensures they remain safe during business premises moves.

Similarly, you can use such services to keep antiques safe. Often these items require packaging that insulates them and protects them against damp. When you use a packing service, you keep your goods extra secure.

Use moving equipment for heavy items

Whether you're clearing out your office or offloading junk, transporting heavy loads isn't easy. Many self-storage companies provide moving equipment. Unlike using your car, you can move larger loads and items. The benefits of doing this include:

  • Fewer trips to the storage facility, which means less money spent on fuel
  • You save time
  • You don't damage your vehicle

Access it periodically

Accessing the storage facility from time to time gives you peace of mind. In addition to seeing that your goods are still there, you can decide whether you want to move them back out. Doing this is beneficial when you plan to sell the goods you're storing. Also, you can check for damage and signs of damp.

Using self-storage is ideal when you need space. When items are no longer of use to you, you don't always want to throw them away. With a storage facility, you can keep them safe until it's time to use them again. If you're ready to experience the benefits of a space you can manage, contact your local centre.