Removing a Broken Key From a Lock

Why It May Be Hard to Hack Electronic Car Locks

Some car owners may be hesitant to install electronic locks in their cars thinking that code grabbers may open their cars while they are away. However, such a fear may not be justified due to several reasons. This article discusses some of the reasons why it may not be easy to hack into the electronic locks of cars.

Use of Rolling Codes

Most recent electronic car locks now work based on rolling codes rather than fixed codes. Consequently, it is now very hard for a code grabber to access the specific code that will have been activated at the time when you are away from your car. Brute force attempts to try several codes may take such a long time that the burglar risks being found as he or she is still attempting to force the electronic lock to open.

Distance Is Important

Another reason why electronic car locks may be safer from hackers is that some manufacturers of those locks install software that detects the distance between the lock and the keyless remote control opener of the car. Such locks are programmed to respond to keyless entry remote control units that are within a short distance from the car. Thus, it may be hard for a hacker to attempt to get access to your car when you are within that operating radius of the electronic locking system.

The Prohibitive Cost of the Keyless Technology

Companies invest a lot of money and time in order to develop electronic locks for their cars. Such technology is therefore so expensive that it may be beyond the reach of common car burglars whose only interest in your car may be the laptop computer and other personal effects that you could have left inside the car. Some carmakers even go an extra mile of licensing specific locksmiths to repair or replace the electronic locks on the cars made by those manufacturers. This makes it hard for hackers to access the technology used to operate the locks.

As you can see, electronic locks in cars have evolved so much that it is becoming harder for intruders to breach those systems. You should therefore have no fear that installing such a lock will make your vehicle more vulnerable to burglars. A professional will consider your needs and recommend a lock that has the best anti-hacking features to deter even the most determined lock hackers in your area. 

For more information, contact a local car locksmith.