Two Ways That Changing Your New Home's Locks Can Reduce the Likelihood of It Being Burglarised

Whilst having a locksmith change all of the locks on your new home's exterior doors might sound like an unnecessary expense, it could actually spare you a lot of money and heartache in the long run, by reducing the likelihood of your property being burglarised. Read on to find out how. By preventing those with copies from entering your home If the previous occupant of your new home lived in the property for several years, there is a very good chance that at least one or two other people have copies of the existing keys. [Read More]

Commercial Security: What Special Features Should You Choose for Your Electronic Locks?

If you are thinking about improving security in your commercial premises, you should consider installing electronic keyless locks. There are multiple advantages of choosing this category of locking products as opposed to traditional keyed alternatives. Electronic locks are convenient and secure because physical keys are unnecessary. The doors lock automatically which means that there is no risk of leaving an entryway open. Also, electronic locks cannot be bumped or picked like regular types. [Read More]